Intro to Deaf/Blind Froggie

Hello, folks. My name is Lindsay Marlow and I have Usher Syndrome.  Basically it means I am hearing impaired and legally blind. Funny thing about blindness and deafness, there are about a million degrees of each (no, I don't exaggerate much, why do you ask?). An easier way to think about it would be to consider a spectrum. Let's use blindness as the example: one end contains people with perfect vision, the other end contains people who are completely blind, then there's a whole crowd of people in the middle all along the line varying from mildly affected to almost completely sightless. I am probably about ¾ of the way or so along the line, closer to the blind end. Not a bad place to be:-] Now use the spectrum idea and apply it to deafness: I'm probably somewhere in the middle to ¾ of the way along the line. It's important to understand that all blindness/deafness is not created equal. The way one person sees is not how another person sees, also how one person adapts is not necessarily the way another person adapts. Of course, you can apply this to all disabilities in a way, but I have a personal relationship with deafness/blindness so I can only claim expertise in those areas. Okay? I am always fascinated with how others adapt to their disabilities, so if you'd like to share, I'd love to hear your stories in the comments or in an email!

I am not sure what people want to know from me regarding this topic, so I'm taking a highly sophisticated approach: whatever comes to my mind I'll share. What do you think?

In this area of my blog, I plan to share my story, different ways I adapt to my environment, and anything else I believe might be helpful to someone else going through this, a similar experience, or their loved ones looking for help.

I hope you enjoy my blog, but more importantly, I really hope it's helpful to someone!