Sanity Savers #1

For most of my life up until recently, gift giving for birthdays and special occasions usually consisted of me frantically searching for a gift bag with matching tissue paper in my stash.  Just because I knew about this event ahead of time, and most likely bought the gift(s) days, if not weeks ago didn't mean I would do the sensible thing and actually wrap the darn thing ahead of time. Nah, that'd be too easy. And sensible.  So I wait until the last minute to get ready and suddenly remember that I have to wrap the gift! Sheesh. Then a few months ago I stumbled upon a simple yet genius solution.  No, I don't wrap the gifts ahead of time, let's just not go there. Instead I finally started storing the tissue paper in the gift bag itself.  That means it is ready for me to throw a gift together, whenever I need it!!

Pretty little bags, full of tissue paper goodness.

Pretty little bags, full of tissue paper goodness.

It is the little things in life.

gift bag 2 9-21-15.JPG

Here's where the deaf/blind help comes in.  Or the color-blind help.  I have trouble matching up the tissue paper color to the right bag at times, so not only does this little tip save me time, it saves my daughter's ears from unnecessary profanity when I realize I have no idea if the tissue paper is red or pink.  There you go, I've saved your sanity if you're color-blind.  Just stash the tissue paper that came with the bag given to you and you're set.  Unless the giver was color-blind too, in which case I can't help you.