Meet the wall.

I'm a klutz.  Let's just get it straight from the beginning.  On top of that, I have no peripheral field and now have vertigo at times (side affect of compromised vision, hearing, and weak ankle muscles, I'm told).  So I'm sure you can imagine how this makes life very interesting at times for me.  I find myself wandering through my home or through other places trailing my fingers along the wall so that I may keep myself walking in the right spot, but it still doesn't stop me from occasionally getting cocky and thinking I can walk through a room unscathed.  Heh!  Let's just say the other day I met my hallway wall.  We'll call it a run-in encounter.  The upside to all of this? I become very, very aware of the dimensions of my home and I know first-hand that my walls are sound:-]

I can't fully blame it on the vision loss though...I managed to look up just in time to see my kiddo smack into the wall on her rush to go somewhere.  Tadpole, meet wall.  Wall, meet Tadpole. I'm sorry, kiddo, it has now been confirmed that you inherited your mom's klutzy gene.  Hehehehe.