Perfectionism & procrastination.

I started this blog with great intentions. I was going to write a post on a regular basis (at least twice a week), I was going to show the world who I was through my witty writing (hah!), and document my adventures as a single parent/deaf & blind parent/mid-30's woman who is totally winging it.  I wrote my "About Froggie" post, figured out how to do basic editing on a picture, was completely stoked when I figured out how to put writing on the picture (in the big leagues now, whoop!), and even did a basic introductory post in "Deaf/blind Froggie" attempting to explain deafness & blindness and how it is different for everyone. Then I came to a screeching halt.

See! I can add text and little pictures on top of pictures.  Yup, I'm pretty proud.

See! I can add text and little pictures on top of pictures.  Yup, I'm pretty proud.

Here's the thing: I get hung up on perfection sometimes. Not unusual, I know. However, instead of just embracing the idea that my blog will have to start somewhere and I'll learn how to make it better as I go, I got hung up on little bitty details behind the scenes and was trying to figure out how to make it match this perfect blog that only existed in my head. So what happens? Enter procrastination.  As in, I froze and haven't moved forward since last fall.  Kind of ridiculous.  Especially since I don't even have any readers yet. Hmm.

procrastination 5-25-15.jpg

The moral of this story?  Its just not going to be perfect all the time, but that's okay and don't let procrastination win.  Similar to those times when you avoid cleaning up that scary corner of your room where your papers go to die because you have this idea of how you're going to overhaul your system and make it perfect...then you get mad one day & dive in. You find out it only takes 15 minutes to get rid of half of it, and you're wondering why in the heck you left it bothering you for so long???? Ahem, that's a post for another day.

My solution was to just dive in. So here's the result of that effort, this post about perfectionism & procrastination. If you're experiencing what I went through, then I wish you luck and suggest you just do what I did and dive in. It's really how any great project gets going when you think about it!